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Believe us - our company members are among the best partners in the market for telemetry, instrumentation and testing !

Curtiss Wright

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a division of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, is recognized around the world as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of rugged and secure mission-critical solutions for the defense and aerospace industries.

JDA Systems

JDA Systems is an ISO9001-2015 privately registered company who manufactures cutting edge telemetry data recovery systems and have more than 30 years of experience in the field. Many major aerospace organizations trust JDA Systems to supply mission critical equipment and JDA Systems have participated in hundreds of successful flight test programs building long term relationships with their customers.

Lange Electronic

For more than 40 years, we have been producing, distributing and monitoring signals used in time laboratories, research centers, banking and insurance, telecommunications, power distributors, autonomous vehicles and aerospace.

Safran Data Systems

Safran Data Systems, a Safran Electronics & Defense's subsidiary, is a world leader in equipment, solutions and services in telemetry, flight test instrumentation and space communication for civil and defense markets. Based in Europe and North America, Safran Data Systems employs close to 700 employees.

Tel Data System 

 From the data sensor to the antenna – From the antenna to data processing. This is the goal from Tel Data System GmbH. Data acquisition with filters, amplifiers, multiplexer, RF transmitter (in some cases flight termination receiver) and airborne antennas for flight systems like airplanes, helicopters, drones, and missiles are together with ground systems with tracking antennas, receivers, bit- frame-sub frame decommutators and data output electronic with display as well as data switching and distribution, All this is in our equipment and system portfolio. Our goal: We are committed to our customers to sell only the most advanced equipments and systems.


Working hand in hand with expert international Partners since 2006, tukom is dedicated to delivering best in class solutions and consultancy services in the field of telemetry, aerospace and defense. Our deep market knowledge, commitment and passion for these Industries enable us to provide the right mission critical communication systems for our customers. Our core competencies span planning, consulting, CONOPS and design development, support for the integration of diverse platforms, through to the delivery of components and end to end solutions, as well as training.

WTW Anlagenbau

WTW Anlagenbau GmbH is an ISO 9001:2015 certified premium manufacturer of Auto Tracking Antennas, MIMO Antennas and Pedestals for the flight test industry and also of high precision telescope mounts with 20ft control rooms for the space industry. WTW Staff is responsible for the technical development and the design of Telemetry Auto Tracking Antennas, which were delivered to customers all over the world. That are well-known customers in the aviation and aerospace industry in Europe, USA, Asia and South Africa. WTW Staff developed and designed for other companies small portable Antennas, and customized mobile and stationary Antennas with up to 6.3 m Diameter, with the tracking modes Autotrack, GPS-Track, Slavetrack, Program-Track and Manual-Track. 

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