About the European Society of Telemetry

Aims and Activities

The European Society of Telemetry is a non-profit organisation and has the following aims:

  • Promotion of the exchange of experience of its members in the fields of Telemetry, Test-Instrumentation and Telecontrol.
  • Information of a large puplic about the fields of Telemetry, Test-Instrumentation and Telecontrol by organising conferences and exhibitions.
  • Search and furthering of the cooperation with corresponding internal and external organisations.
  • Collection and extension of scientific information in the fields related.
  • Cooperation with standardisation organisations.
  • Besides the organisation of Telemetry Conferences in Germany.

Other activities of the European Society of Telemetry:

  • Organisation of Lecture series.
  • Cooperation with expert committees
  • Promotion of research at universities and related institutions in the fields concerned.

Our sponsors for the past ettc2022 & SFTE-EC 

Safran Data Systems - GOLD SPONSOR

Airbus - Sponsor

Atcom Télémétrie - Education Sponsor