ETSC Open Meeting 2016

ETSC 2016

European Telemetry Standardisation Committee (ETSC)

Open Meeting


14.00 – 15.30 h

1. Committee Reports

(Chairman: Gerhard Mayer)


  • Welcome & ETSC Overview (G. Mayer)

  • PTP or IEEE1588 - Precise Synchronisation within Networks; a short overview
    (R.-W. Lange)

  • RCC Recorder & Reproducer Subcommittee Meeting ( Ch. Rück)

  • Telemetering Standards Coordination Committee (TSCC) (D. Corry )

  • Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) (R. Ritter)



15.30 - 16.00h
Coffee Break


16.00– 18.00 h

2. Workshop

COFDM Standardisation for Aeronautical Telemetry Applications

(Chairman: Jean-Claude Ghnassia )



  • Parameters important for a COFDM Standard (Zodiac Aerospace)

  • Suggestion of COFDM Parameters in a future standard (S. Penna and H. Oliveira, Embraer)

  • General Discussion, aim to set up a COFDM Standard Working Group.

  • Conclusions & Adjourn


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