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JUNE 11-13, 2019 Toulouse, France

New technologies for acquiring and managing massive amounts of test data!
(New concept of acquisition/storage, Artificial intelligence,…)

ETTC is a unique international event, organised by AAAF & SEE in Europe, addressing a wide range of test and telemetry technologies for transport industries: aeronautical, space, automotive, defence, railways,…

In 2019 the SFTE (Society of Flight Test Engineers) will join our conference and celebrate with us their 50th anniversary and the 30th anniversary of the European Chapter!

ETTC’19 will focus not only on new solutions to acquire, transmit and store large amounts of data but also on the new ways to manage & analyse this data!

Many interesting technologies coming from electronic consumer markets and other industries are now available. Today, technology transfer into our field is often the way to incorporate these new developments rather than “reinventing the wheel”. IoT (Internet of things), AI (artificial intelligence), 5G are key words relevant to our future.

The ambition of ETTC’19 is to help attendees to answer the questions they have in these varied technical areas.

Listen to the conference presentations, exchange information and lessons learnt with your peers, extend your professional network, learn about developments in standards, improve your knowledge and visit the bespoke exhibition hall with exhibits from worldwide suppliers covering the various technological domains of our industry.


Invited topics include:

  • Big Data,
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Internet of Things applied to Test
  • Wireless and Energy management
  • Sensors (MEMS, ultra low power,…)
  • GNSS and Global flight tracking
  • Data Security
  • Test data acquisition, network and recording
  • Aircraft, Spacecraft and surface vehicle tests
  • New telemetry systems (5G, LEO,…)
  • Spectrum management, modulation and coding
  • Space telemetry and telecommand
  • Video
  • Augmented reality

Submit your abstract by 15 January, 2019 online at

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